Welcome to SPIN

  • Specialty Provider Imaging Network was formed by radiologists and executives from the insurance industry to create a new, best in class platform for imaging solutions. For too long, radiology centers have been the last in line to see benefits from working with a network (other than seeing some patient referrals). Likewise, insurance claims operations have been frustrated by the lack of alternatives and the time and effort required to get an MRI or CAT scan scheduled and completed.

    We established SPIN with one goal in mind: to improve delivery of imaging solutions for the insurance industry through advances in healthcare technology. In listening to professionals from claims departments and radiologists, SPIN developed a technology solution that will improve the experience of ordering and delivering an image.

  • Through a simple, secure, dedicated internet portal "2Connect", ordering an image is one click away for the adjuster. For the provider, the portal delivers an image request immediately. Our portal then tracks the patient visit and once the image is completed, the image and report are immediately sent to the claims team.