Our Network

  • In listening to both providers and insurance carriers, SPIN set up business tools to bring solutions dedicated to improving the process of getting images for patients. With technology and an understanding of a claims professional’s goal, SPIN sought to create a state of the art technology platform that speeds up the scheduling, status checks, final imaging reports (including imaging files) and payment status.

    SPIN will deliver on online portal to every center, enabling them:

    1. Receive treatment requests

    2. View existing appointments and claimants

    3. Status, including payments

    4. Upload the medical reports electronically.

    For those centers that are capable of a deeper integration, our technology will allow us to tie into a center's scheduling system and schedule appointments without manual intervention. Additionally, we can electronically link the imaging files, such that there can be a vast reduction in printing films...or even burning CDs! SPIN seeks to deliver lives in cost effective manner, letting our network partners on delivering images in a timely fashion.

    Specialty Provider Imaging Network will quickly be a market leading solution representing millions of lives in your region. Additionally, our company has the leading platform in the space, creating efficiency for radiology centers from A to Z.